Five ways to get more involved with your community


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It is the fifth day of the new year, and perhaps most of you have already drawn out a list of resolutions and goals to achieve in 2015. Is playing a more active role within your community, beyond immediate family and friends, one of them? Or thinking of new or creative ways to give back to society? These may sound like lofty ideals, but taking the first step may be less challenging than you think. Here are five suggestions on how someone living in Hong Kong can easily get started this month:


1. Attend the “Be Good: How Social Innovation and CSR Fuel Start-Up Success” Panel Discussion

Targeted towards startups and SMEs, this panel discussion highlights the importance of social innovation – to do good while excelling at your business. Organized by General Assembly in partnership with The Good Lab,  this event features speakers experienced in the fields of social impact and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

When: 15 January 2015, 7-9pm

Where: The Good Lab

Cost: Free

For event information and to sign up, please click here.


2. Do a Bread Run with Feeding Hong Kong

Feeding Hong Kong is a food bank in Hong Kong that aims to bridge the gap between food wastage and hunger. The Bread Run is one of their volunteer programmes that redistributes unsold bread and sandwiches donated by participating bakeries in Hong Kong to charitable and needy organizations. Volunteers pick up the unsold bread from designated bakeries, and deliver them to a collection point.

When: Twice monthly, from January 2015

Where: Start Point – Bakeries around Hong Kong / End Point – Designated food collection points

For more details, and to sign up, please click here.


3. See a local neighbourhood in a new light with Walk In Hong Kong

When one’s busy schedule takes over, it is easy for even a seasoned local to overlook some of the gems of the neighbourhood they live in. A walking tour is not only for tourists, but is also an excellent way for locals to rediscover their hood and to reconnect with the communities. Walk In Hong Kong, a social enterprise, offers a peek into districts with rich cultural and social backgrounds – such as Sham Shui Po and Sheung Wan.  One excellent example is the recent walking tour that they co-organized with I’mperfect for both the visually-impaired and people who were blindfolded to experience the North Point community in a different way.

What: “Sham Shui Po – A Story of Grassroots Hong Kong” Walking Tour

When: 10 January 2015

Where: Sham Shui Po

For more information on fees and to sign up, click here.


4. Take to the streets with the Run Our City Crew

If you prefer running to a leisurely walk, this is for you. Run Our City is a social enterprise that has creatively used running as a channel for community outreach within the city. Running is not only a means for exercise, but also a way to impact the lives of youths, and to rediscover the streets of Hong Kong with fellow runners. Its upcoming Streetathon event on 8th February 2015 is so popular that quota is full, but that doesn’t stop us from joining their regular running events.

What: Run Our City Crew running sessions

When: Ongoing – the next run is on 6th January 2015

Cost: Free

For more information on details, and upcoming events, please click here.


5.  Connect with local artists with Oi! In-Situ! Exhibition

Involvement with the arts, culture and crafts can bring us closer to our communities, and fuel the interactions between people of disparate backgrounds and interests. Oi! is a platform that encourages collaboration and co-creation among artists – and its latest exhibition In-Situ! is a means for members of the public to engage with artists, and to reconnect with the art and craftsmanship of sewing, farming, writing and more.

When: Exhibition on till the 29th January 2015

Where: Oi! (12 Oil Street, North Point)

Cost: Free

For more information, please click here.


Here are some of our suggestions on how to get started on being more involved with your community. If you have any suggestions to share, please leave a reply below. We will be happy to hear from you. Thank you!

(All of the above information is taken from the respective event organizers’ owned media.)



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