Put on a villager’s hat and reimagine the world


[Image source: MaD Forum website]

The “Make A Difference (MaD)” Forum is an annual event hosting dialogues between members of the public and key thought-leaders, and changemakers within Asia. This platform aims to tap into the collective experiences and wisdom of all participants towards igniting debate and discovering solutions for current economic and social and ecological issues plaguing the world. This event strives towards social innovation, fostering positive societal change, creativity and action.

This year’s theme – “Village Reimagined” – is intended to inspire participants to adopt the mindset of a villager to revisit our ways of interaction, economic systems and infrastructure, and to live more sustainably and relationally on this planet. This 3-day event (from 30-January to 1-February 2015) also includes field trips, screenings and talks by keynote speakers. Participants can also apply for a stall at the Free Market and have the opportunity to co-create and collaborate with fellow like-minded changemakers.

To find out more about admission fees and event details, please click here.

Content source: MaD Forum website

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