Forbes’ list of 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs 2015 released


[Photo: “Hands of Chrystalee” by Flickr user Moyan Brenn / cc by-nd 2.0]

Forbes has released its 2015 30 under 30 list and naturally, the “Social Entrepreneur” category caught our attention. It has been five years since Forbes released the “Impact 30” in 2011 – a list of the world’s top social entrepreneurs of the world – and it’s heartening to see the continuous growth in diversity, reach and impact of many other such enterprises in the past few years.

Apart from the measurable economic and perhaps social impact, one cannot deny the positive relational effect on the beneficiaries, their immediate family members, and their community. Take for example, the Reset Foundation, that rehabilitates sentenced young adults in positive environments such as campuses instead of prisons, and with a focus on education, career and healthy living – this allows young adults to turn over a new leaf in the safety of their relational networks – families, mentors, friends, which in turn will contribute to their growth. Another example is GreenChar, that sells cleaner energy from recycled sugarcane waste to women in Kenya, who act as security for one another, demonstrating the role of strong relational networks in improving the lives of a community. These are but a glance at the tremendous impact that social enterprises are making around the world, and the relational benefits, if measured, can be proven to be encouraging as well.

Source: Forbes website

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