2015 Concert in the Dark


The annual “Concert in the Dark” will be taking place from April 16th to the 19th this year. First launched in 2010 in Hong Kong, this concert aims to bring greater awareness and empathy towards the visually-impaired through music and performance. The concert will be delivered in complete darkness, and attendees will need to rely on their other senses – hearing, touch and smell – to experience the performance. More than 40 visually impaired persons form the Dark Management team who will be accompanying the concert attendees during the course of the concert. This annual event is organized by Dialogue Experience, a social enterprise that was rebranded in early 2014 to reflect their evolving initiatives including Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong and Dialogue in Silence Hong Kong.

The line-up of artistes include Joey Yung, C All Star, Hins Cheung, Robynn and Kendy, Rubberband, and more. Ticket price ranges from HK$480 to HK$1500 and net proceeds will benefit the Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation, an entity that nurtures the talents of the visually impaired, and supporting them in their strive for educational and career growth.

Ticket sales start 2nd February 2015 and for more details, click here.

[Information and image source – Dialogue Experience website]

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